The Intercoastal Pirates are:

CHRIS FAULK: Vocals, Guitars
RICK PARK: Vocals, Guitars
STEVE VONDERHEIDE: Vocals, Keyboards

The Intercoastal Pirates use low wattage LED stage lighting to conserve energy. We encourage everyone to do their part in maintaining our environment.

The Intercoastal Pirates hope you will join us in the fight against breast cancer. Click here to find out how YOU can be a part of the cure!

Ports of Call

*Dido's, Brazoria, 7-11pm A one day return for Rick!
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Yo Ho, me Hearties... This is a tale of the adventures of a group of modern day Intercoastal Pirates. Not the marauding or pillaging kind, mind you, but a band of musical skaliwags that go from town to town along the Gulf Coast looking for fun and adventure. I came to be in the company of this motley crew when I was bewitched by the First Mate's serenading some years ago. He began to keep company with these Intercoastal Pirates some time after that, and before I knew it, he was a full-fledged Pirate himself. Not that I mind it... a little swashbuckling never hurt anyone! It will be my duty to chronicle their adventures, journeys to distant waters, and all the fun along the way.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thankful to be a Pirate!

Yo, there, mates. The pages of this tome have been a bit sparse of late with so much going on aboard ship and so little time to stop and chronicle the happenings. The pillaging has been great, the ports of call even better, and loads of new friends added in the process... a great year all in all.

Now that we come to the time of year known the world over as "the Holidays" it can be even easier to become so busy in the doings of the world that ye might lose sight of the reason we be a'celebrating. There be lots to thank the Lord for, not the least of it being this Pirating life we are so lucky to lead. Let me share a touch of it with you...

You see, my friend, we who step aboard the Musical Ship O' The South every week are actually living two lives, and both have a lot to do with being thankful these days. During the week, we each have duties ashore that keep the home fires burning, family cared for, and all our onstage toys paid for... not a bad way to be on dry land when your forced to it. Then we get to step out of that life and into another that brings us to your port. And a big part of the fun of being a Pirate is enjoying the folks you Pirate with... great bunch of cut throats there!

So as you can see, we're having quite the good life and have good reason to be smiling when we get to the stage. It's not a normal life, I allow. But then we're not exactly normal people, are we? So, although many pick a different way, it's a pirate's Life for Me, yo ho!

So, what's my point, ye ask? I'm thankful. For my family and friends, you among them. For the Lord above allowing so much good into our lives. Take time this year to stop and say thank you to all who make your life worth living. And then take another moment to look up and give thanks for every moment of your life. It's a gift, mate, and that's why they call it the Present!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

And he's back!

Ok, perhaps that is overstating it a tad, but the ship is welcoming back a stalwart shipmate, nigh a family member, after too long ashore. Rick returns to the band of Pirates after nearly a year tending to the duties of the "other" profession. Everyone knew he couldn't resist the song of the sea for long, and the Siren's song has called him home to his rightful place on the decks of the Great Musical Ship 'O The South!

Owen Franklin, who has been handling the first mate's duties these many months, is heading inland to the Dallas area in search of new challenges... and there will be much music and merriment in his future. The band wishes him smooth sailing on clear seas as he seeks his fortunes in the North. It's been a good run on his watch, and our collective hats are tipped to him in thanks.

Rick will make his return at an old and favored port, Dido's on the San Bernard river on July 12th. Come on out to welcome him back aboard and have a great time to boot! There's always a good meal and plenty of drink to be had with our cohorts there, so come ready to eat, drink, and be very merry!